Who We Are


Matt Green

The Boss/Owner

“Clients always say what they want, and I give them what they need.”


Matt is always on a quest for quality and making beautiful pictures:“When I can make something I’m really proud of, it sends chills down my spine.”


His philosophy is simple and strong: “I just make it right for the client, even if I have to go over-budget. It’s not about the business we’re in, it’s about the relationships with the customers.”


Matt is proud of the loyalty he has built at Media Lounge, including a long-standing professional relationship with the dealership Crest Automotive, for whom he’s produced work since 2006.


His appreciation for quality extends to his musical taste, touting that his favorite musical act these days is deadmau5, a Canadian progressive-house music producer and performer: “He plays techno and knows how to control the bass better than any techno artist alive!”


Matt founded the business in February of 2004 after working for years in a completely different industry. He has a BSME in mechanical engineering from Lawrence Technical University. Matt’s creative side, even while being an engineer, included being a part-time rock star/lead guitarist in the band Wired Masses.


He produced a handful of funny short films just before opening Media Lounge. Since creating the business, Matt has produced many serious commercials and videos, but still enjoys the humorous, and counts the classic “Regency Construction” as one of his favorite commercials.


Nick Kales

Buckets of Fun

Where can you find several buckets (of any size) filled with fun? At Media Lounge. Nick “Buckets of Fun” Kales is a pro; that’s it. While it’s true that he is buckets of fun, he is most certainly a valuable mind. His coworkers laud his abilities while he stays humble like a monk. Nick is a fantastic universe of knowledge regarding any point of production. From camera to post, script to screen, audio and graphics… Nick chops it up… like a salad or wooden boards in a karate dojo.


After earning a Bachelors of Arts in Screen Studies from The University of Michigan-Dearborn, Nick started smoking meats. Oh, and he was recruited to Media Lounge before he even graduated!


Nick continues to stay ahead of the game when it comes to all the great new technology our industry is using too. New camera is out, Nick knows… new firmware update, Nick knows… [random fact of the day]… Nick knows.


He will tell you he enjoys pictures and sound, a simple answer to a complex creative world. It could be a still image, a series of still images played back at a specific rate, a sound, a series of sounds organized or not, or a series of still images in synchronization with a series of organized sounds – all played back at a specific rate! So he likes pictures, movies, sfx, and music.


Did I mention Nick smokes meat? Once he is done with that, he might be creating a 3D model while listening to Chopin or Cannibal Corpse. He might be watching cartoons and drinking whiskey. He might be capturing life through the lens. He might be correcting the color. He is no Bruce Jenner, but he does change his mind sometimes… specifically about which meats to smoke and which whiskey to drink.